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    Apple's iPhone 4 is 'the one to beat'


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    Apple's iPhone 4 is 'the one to beat' Empty Apple's iPhone 4 is 'the one to beat'

    Post  MacUser4ever on Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:13 am

    Overall design, new OS, FaceTime and super hi-rez screen make a powerful combo.

    Apple's iPhone 4 is 'the one to beat' IPhone%204

    On Thursday, Apple released its latest bit of hardware, the iPhone 4. Perhaps you've heard of it?

    After months of anticpation, the iPhone 4 is finally in users' hands. Although many details were revealed by the Gizmodo leak in April, two months before Apple's official announcement of the new iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) three weeks ago, the controversial unofficial sneak peak failed to give away all of the goods. Apple CEO Steve Jobs pretty much filled in the blanks at WWDC, but there's no substitute for actually having the iPhone 4 in hand -- even if it means waiting in a line of hundreds outside an Apple Store on launch day, as I did.

    Apple's new iPhone 4 sitting on top of a MacBook Pro.
    Unlike past years, when the iPhone was available only through Apple or AT&T stores, this year's models was available on day one at Radio Shack, Walmart and Best Buy. Each had (limited) stock on hand and some early buyers had better luck finding iPhones there than at Apple's own stores.

    Retailing for $199 (if you wanted the 16GB model) and $299 (for the 32GB version), the iPhone 4 knocks the previous 3GS model into the entry-level role, with the 8GB iPhone 3GS selling for $99. But the 3GS, while still a nice device is now last year's news.

    A new look

    The iPhone 4 comes in a smaller, tighter and sleeker package than did its predecessors. I've always been a fan of the iPhone's appearance. The zen-like minimalism, the lack of superfluous hardware buttons and the absence of blinking lights won me over from the start. None of that has changed, really, except for one thing.

    I've appreciated the variations in shape and size as iPhone models have evolved since the first model debuted in 2007, but I never questioned the build quality or materials until a recent product release made me, for the first time, look at my iPhone 3GS in a different light. Suddenly, in comparison to this new hardware, the 3GS felt plasticky and a little cheap. The other product? It wasn't the latest Android phone, or even a phone at all. It was the iPad. Apple's mobile OS wrapped in a thin aluminum-and-glass shell not only tied in nicely with the company's hardware line-up, it also made the then-current iPhone and iPod touch look like toys.

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