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    Developers, Apple busy updating apps for iOS 4, iPhone 4

    Bragging Rights
    Bragging Rights

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    Developers, Apple busy updating apps for iOS 4, iPhone 4

    Post  Bragging Rights on Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:53 am

    Apple has been busy all weekend posting updated apps that support iOS 4 and its new features--including multitasking and the soon to be released Retina Display of iPhone 4--to the iTunes App Store.

    New iOS 4 savvy titles are tagged with the line "iOS 4.0 tested" in the iPhone App Store app and within iTunes. A search of the web version of iTunes shows over 1,000 titles referencing iOS 4, but the more than 225,000 titles in Apple's App Store library indicate there is lots of work left.

    Among the early titles specifically updated to support iOS 4 (and rapidly approved by Apple; many developers are still waiting) is Pandora, which adds Background Audio features that allows the system to continue playing feeds even after the app is dismissed.

    The new Loopt adds new support for iOS 4 Background Location with a "live location" feature that updates users' presence information for a set period of time after their last checkin. While using live location, Loopt can send the user a push notification update if one of their Loopt friends happens to show up nearby.

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