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    iOS 4.1 beta2 Build 8B5091b

    Bragging Rights
    Bragging Rights

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    iOS 4.1 beta2 Build 8B5091b  Empty iOS 4.1 beta2 Build 8B5091b

    Post  Bragging Rights on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:42 pm

    iOS 4.1 beta2 Build 8B5091b  2uygl8n

    Now that Apple has released the 4.1 iOS beta you should all know to back up our shsh’s locally and on sauriks server by using a program called TinyUmbrella. Saving your shsh’s is a back up plan just in case you upgrade to Apple’s latest firmware that isn’t jailbreakable, the shsh’s allow you to sign your own firmware and downgrade to a jailbreakable firmware. Lets not get too complicated just do the following:
    Save ECID iphone :

    1- Download the program for your OS

    TinyUmbrella [OSX]

    TinyUmbrella [WIN]

    2- Have your i-device connected, run program and click save my shsh
    3- To be more cautious click advanced options and by location choose Apple and save shsh locally, now you have two backups

    How to UPGRADE :

    1- download the ipsw files (which you have done)
    2- Open iTunes
    3- Connect your device
    4- hit SHIFT keyboard button + RESTORE option in itunes
    5- Browse to the downloaded iPhone or iPod Touch os 4.0 ipsw file and start restoring
    6- ENJOY iOS 4.1

    Changes in 4.1 beta 2 :

    - Flash/Camera buttons reposition themselves in landscape
    - Favorites in the Phone app can now be added as Voice or Facetime.
    - Check Spelling can be turned Off in Setting
    - According to bluetooth device users running iOS 4.1, the updated iOS is now fully AVRCP compatible. AVRCP is the mechanism which allows bluetooth headsets, or car dashboards to take full control of the audio functions of the devices they are connected to. Up until this release, users who paired their iPhones to their car to listen to music over bluetooth, needed to control playback via the iPod app. Now, with this full implementation of the bluetooth protocol, users can use the playback switches in supported cars or on their support headsets.This new feature reportedly supports skipping forward, back, and volume. Prior to this beta, only volume was accessible on third-party bluetooth devices. This is a nice addition to the operating system, and it furthers Apple’s push of safety. Instead of having to use their phone while driving to control their music, users can simply use their bluetooth headset or controls built into their vehicles.
    - Parents who wish to block their children from FaceTime on their iPhone 4′s can now do so via a new preference in the setting’s restrictions menu. The option completely blocks FaceTime from the phone by removing the option from contacts as well as during phone calls. The ‘hold’ button for calls moves back to its old place when FaceTime is restricted.Apple is also allowing the restriction of multiplayer interaction in Game Center. This means you can block your kid from playing games online with complete strangers.

    iOS 4.1 beta2 Build 8B5091b  2mn3ptl

    iOS 4.1 beta2 Build 8B5091b  2qjy6xe



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